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Since 1985, JAI TRADING COMPANY a manufacturing company of Industrial leather accessories has been in the business of processing (Tanning) of Hides & skins, manufacturing and exporting of various industrial leather accessories to the Forging, Refractories, Ceramic, Cotton, Textile, & various other industries who consume leather & leather made accessories and spares in their machinery operation process.

Since 1987, we specialized in the manufacturing of chrome leather friction liners / Leather Bandages which is used on the friction screw press. Jai Trading company since years till to-day, have been one among the world’s most trusted Indian source of quality, wide and comprehensive range of industrial leather accessories


We have succeeded in our customer’s success. Our quality is the result of our hard and intelligent effort .We believe that the quality should be much engineered and built into the product while it is being manufactured. We also believe that satisfying customers by supplying quality products to their implied needs at competitive price and prompt schedules is the key to success and we aim to manufacture products meeting that satisfied and stated needs of our customers.

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